Ministries and Organizations


Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council serves as an advisory group to the pastor.  The members communicate the needs and interest of the Parish community along with assisting the pastor in accomplishing the Parish mission through their knowledge, experience and involvement in the community. 

Meetings:  Every 4th Thursday

Contact Pete Margretta 

Tel: 904-237-2530

Finance Council

The Finance Council consults and advises the pastor on financial responsibilities such as annual budget, reporting, long-term planning, debt and debt management, high level expenditures, fund raising, personnel administration and governmental regulatory matters. 

Meetings:  Every 4th Tuesday

Contact Maria Allen  

Tel: 904-259-4693

Faith Formation

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) 

This program is aimed at the faith formation of children.  It provides a catechetical environment where students will grow in faith and experience the love of God and Church while they are formed in our Catholic faith tradition. This also forms the young student as they prepare to receive the sacraments of our faith

Meetings: Sundays 11:15 AM

Classes begin August 25th, 2019

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Contact Julie Johnson
Tel: 904-259-7688

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


The Rite of Christian Initiation or RCIA prepares those who wish to become Catholics for Baptism and reception into the Catholic Church. It is also a great way for Catholics to learn more about their Faith at an adult level.

Meetings:  Weekly Sunday 11:30 AM

Contact Peg DeCurtins  |  Tel: 904-571-7453

Bible Study

Scripture study class meets weekly to study and reflect on the written word of God. Classes are open to all.

Meetings: Thursday 6 PM

Beginning January 2020

Contact Linda Willey 


Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion distribute the Eucharist at Mass and to shut-ins. Parishioners must be fully initiated and demonstrate sufficient spiritual maturity. They must under go training at the Parish.

Contact Bonnie Palleschi  


Lectors proclaim the Word of God during the Mass.  Parishioners must be fully initiated and demonstrate sufficient spiritual maturity. They must under go training at the Parish.

Contact Bonnie Palleschi  

Altar Servers

Assist in the preparation of the altar prior to Mass and to assist the Celebrant during Mass with decorum and reverence.

Contact Staci Adams
Tel: 904-259-4245


The choir provides music for Masses and other Celebrations at the parish. It enhances the Liturgy and helps set the tone for Prayer.

Meetings: Saturday - 11:00 AM

Contact Rose Cochran
Tel: 904-275-2452


Evangelization Committee

The Evangelization Committee is St. Mary's newest organization. This ministry's purpose is to help invigorate the faith of Catholics and invite all to consider making our church their Spiritual home.

Meetings: Every 2nd Monday 6:30 PM

Contact Jade Gauthier
Tel: 904-521-1634

Holy Name Society

The confraternity of the most Holy name of God and Jesus (Holy Name Society) is a Parish based  men's group.  Promotes reverence for the Sacred name of Jesus Christ.  The duty? of the society is to assist in Parish ministries by performing the corporal ways of mercy.

Meetings:  Every 1st Sunday 11 AM

Contact Mark Speck
TBD |  Tel: TBD

Catholic Youth Organization


Also known as Youth Group.  CYO fosters the development of teenagers in social, emotional and spiritual growth to be formed into mature young adults

Meetings:  Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday     6:30 PM

Contact TBD

Tel: TBD

Woman Of Faith


Women of Faith is a Parish based organization to promote the spiritual and sacred well-being of its members and seek to contribute to the common good of the Parish

Meetings: Every 2nd Wednesday 6:30 PM


Contact Karen Dougherty   |  Tel: 904-237-3934

Food Pantry

Our Parish food pantry is open to anyone in Baker County which is in need of a little help with food.  We give assistance to those that are most in need after evaluating their situation.


Rick DeBoe 904-259-8789

Steve Gentile 904-259-6033


This weekly event raises funds for operating costs and capital expenses to benefit our Parish.  Volunteers are needed to perform appropriate tasks for a successful Bingo night.

Contact Chief Richard Dolan  |  Tel: 904-237-9440

Knights of Columbus


The Knights of Columbus are the worlds largest fraternal service organization founded in 1882.  There founding principles were works of charity for God's people and the church.  In the parish they help the pastor according to the needs.


Mike Dougherty 904-259-4980